Kruger Park Explorations and Surprises

October's big excitement for the children was definitely the trip to Kruger National Park! Seth and I had never been either, so we were very much looking forward to it as well. Before the big camping trip arrived, we were still keeping quite busy with the preparation for the Music Festival we had mentioned in... Continue Reading →


Midway Point……we think anyways!

We apologize for it being so long since our last blog. It has been quite busy around here since we last wrote. Melinda flew to Texas for 3 weeks to be with our friends as they welcomed their first child into this world! Seth and the children flew to Livingstone, Zambia as our 90 day... Continue Reading →

♫Leaving on a Jet Plane♫

Once again, the Pawloski's are travelling more of the world! As we've mentioned previously, because we do not have a long term visa, we can only stay in country for 90 days at a time and our current 90 days are coming to an end in the beginning of September. Our visa renewal process will... Continue Reading →

Ups & Downs

Just like that another month is over! Does anyone else feeling like this year is flying by?! July was filled with many memories, most happy, but a few sad. We celebrated our first Mandela Week with Viva. July 18th would have been Mandela's 100th birthday so Viva along with the rest of South Africa celebrated... Continue Reading →

Back on the Farm

July already! June seemed to fly by! After returning from Rome, we had a day of rest and then jumped right back in to the grind. Saturday June 16th was the annual Viva Art Festival along with Youth Day. Giovana and Melanie from the University of Florida brought wooden tiles to be painted by the... Continue Reading →

100+km through Rome

Walking, walking, walking......we did lots of that! There were days where we heard "my legs can't take this anymore", "my feet hurt", or "I'm tired", but overall, we have a tribe of troopers! They pushed through and even if they didn't fully grasp everything that was seen, we know that as they grow up and... Continue Reading →

Keepin’ Busy!

The convenience of Wi-Fi.....never take it for granted! It is amazing how much faster pictures can download with it, lol. We are currently sitting in our cozy airbnb in Rome! The sounds coming into our window are much different from the past 3 months on the farm....much busier and noisier! We went from sheep/cow/dog sounds... Continue Reading →

When in Rome…..

Soak in the history! That's right, we are going to Rome! I'm still a little in shock thinking about it. Ever since I went to France when I was 16, I've wanted to go back to Europe with my family and now that dream is coming true! We mentioned a few blogs ago about having... Continue Reading →

Birthday & the Berg

What an amazing weekend we had! The drive through the Drakensberg Mountains was beyond beautiful. We were able to take the road through Little Switzerland, which was a first for us....unfortunately pictures never show the true beauty, so you'll have to imagine with the photos we did take. Our travel there was smooth, with heavier... Continue Reading →

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