The Last African Chapter…(for now)

We are officially back on US soil! What an amazing journey we had in South Africa! Memories and lasting relationships are forever in our hearts and minds. "Remember that time in Africa......" will be a reoccurring phrase coming from us. God did amazing things for us while there and we pray and believe that we... Continue Reading →


Packing Has Begun

We are officially in packing mode! (Again.) Many mixed emotions are coming with this. Excitement for what God has back in Texas for us and sadness for who and what we are leaving here in South Africa. As of today, we have 11 full days left! Although it was a rainy Valentine's, our family enjoyed... Continue Reading →

310 days in South Africa!

Abigail has been doing an amazing job of journaling every day since we arrived in South Africa. What a special memory she has created for herself! She has also written about her days in Rome and Livingstone, but has kept her SA day count separate. It's crazy to think that a year has almost gone... Continue Reading →

What A Year!

Melinda took some time to put together a monthly photo collage of our 2018. She decided for our records and for those that may want to read, to put a little more description to each of the photos chosen. We had an incredible year and are beyond blessed by what God did! We also have... Continue Reading →

A Delightful December!

Happy 2019! We hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas. Our holidays were very nice and relaxing. The weather sure made it hard to reconcile that it was Christmas time, but I will say, I truly enjoyed cooking out and swimming on Christmas Eve and Day. I'm pretty sure the children enjoyed it greatly as well.... Continue Reading →


The past few weeks have been filled with fun celebrations! We celebrated Thanksgiving, Melinda had her doula graduation, the Viva School ended their year with a party, and we got to see baby P at the first appointment! There is also Christmas decorating beginning, which will help us realize that it is the Christmas season.... Continue Reading →

♫Leaving on a Jet Plane♫

Once again, the Pawloski's are travelling more of the world! As we've mentioned previously, because we do not have a long term visa, we can only stay in country for 90 days at a time and our current 90 days are coming to an end in the beginning of September. Our visa renewal process will... Continue Reading →

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